Fire Pit


Create a stunning focal point to complement your outdoor space and lifestyle with a Dekko Lightweight Concrete fire pit.  Our collection of fire pits provide unlimited entertaining opportunities to make the experience memorable.  Our unique Ultra light concrete fire pits are 100% concrete and less than half the weight of most others making them easy to ship and install on any project including rooftops, patios and commercial applications.  Hand crafted to endure the outdoor elements for years.


The Belmont is our only fire feature to boast a cylindrical shape, giving it a dimensional edge over its counterparts. Its 36-inch spherical personality was designed to complement a large variety of outdoor living spaces – from close and intimate to prestigious and open. Like a circle, the possibilities with the Belmont are endless.


Our Serenade is inspired by the serenity and comfort it elicits. Its basin-shaped personality is ideal for bringing light to the coziest corners of your outdoor living space. At a modest 32 inches, this fire feature is most functional for intimate environments. It is the perfect centerpiece for bringing family and friends close together.


At 72-inches long, our Sonoma is designed to be the main attraction of your outdoor social space. Rectangular and oblong, it is the ideal fire feature for spacious environments and for outdoor living and lounging. A bold size for a simple purpose – giving everyone a spot at the fire.


Our Alea firepit is the perfect centerpiece for a minimalistic outdoor living space. Featuring sleek walls, a narrow surface, and a true square shape, the Alea represent a concept that is both modern and timeless. Its 32-inch perimeter makes it the ideal fire pit for cozy and intimate gatherings.


The Bravo fire feature is a daring marriage between our concave and perpendicular firepits. From a spherical center to sharp and squared edges, the Bravo expresses creativity without limits. Complemented by crisp indentations, this 32-inch fire pit makes a statement that is both artistic and simplistic. Sprawled next to the Bravo, you will find your outdoor lounge has become the perfect creative space for both work and play.


Our Avera fire pit boasts an oblong and rectangular body, accentuated by crisp line indentations and minimalistic features. Available in both 48 inches and 60 inches, the Avera fire pit was not only designed to accommodate any outdoor living space, but also to become the focal point. The Avera fire feature is Dekko’s legacy – a classic fire pit for a classic concept.


As our smallest fire feature, the Element is the perfect accent to your personal outdoor living space. Its modest 20-inch perimeter, barrelled walls, and cupped-shaped body make it ideal for staging on balconies, terraces, and near open edges. The Element will provide a warm and intimate touch to your open-concept landscape and cityscape views.


A fire feature modelled after your life – limitless and designed by you. At Dekko Concrete, our mission is to promote creativity without limits. With our custom fire pit feature, you will have the opportunity to be your own designer. From concave to perpendicular, personal to commercial, your fire feature vision is just a phone call away.