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May 27
Stylish, modern living space designed with concrete cladding. Middle-aged man on a couch reading.

Explore the Durability of Lightweight Concrete Products

In today's world of design and building, durability is a cornerstone of any project. Enter lightweight concrete by Dekko—a revolutionary material that stands tall in the face of time and weather, transforming spaces with its unmatched endurance. Dekko's lightweight concrete is a game-changer, boasting resilience without compromising on aesthetics. Crafted... read more →
May 19

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Concrete Fire Pits

When it comes to outdoor living, few features evoke warmth and ambiance quite like a fire pit. But why settle for off-the-shelf options when you can create a bespoke masterpiece tailored to your unique vision? Enter Dekko Concrete's custom fire pits—the ultimate expression of individuality and style. Dekko Concrete's custom... read more →
May 03
Modern living space with indoor fireplace and concrete cladding features.

Dekko Lightweight Concrete Cladding for Interior & Exterior Design

In the world of modern architecture, Dekko’s lightweight concrete cladding emerges as a versatile and innovative building option, seamlessly bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor design. Offering unparalleled design freedom, this revolutionary material transcends traditional concrete constraints, enabling architects and builders to create dynamic facades that contribute to the... read more →
Apr 18
Green garden with a wooden deck in the middle. Two outdoor chairs surround a concrete fire pit.

Get Your Backyard Ready for Warmer Weather: Spring Clean-Up Checklist

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, it's time to prepare your backyard for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. From tidying up neglected corners to adding finishing touches that elevate your outdoor space, this spring clean-up checklist will ensure your backyard is ready for the warmer months ahead.  And... read more →
Apr 05
Entrance to office building with 'uni-fab' sign, featuring lightweight concrete cladding, industrial design and concrete feature logo.

Discover the Versatility of Concrete Cladding in Industrial Design

When it comes to industrial design, few materials offer the versatility and durability of concrete cladding. At Dekko, we've had the privilege of collaborating with various businesses to transform their spaces using concrete cladding. One such project we're excited to highlight is with Uni-Fab, where we utilized concrete cladding to... read more →
Mar 20

Revolutionizing Retail Spaces: The Impact of Concrete Cladding

In today's diverse retail landscape, where consumers have endless options for shopping online, the importance of creating an appealing brick-and-mortar shop shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, you want your space to be more than just a store—you want it to be an experience. That's where the power of good design... read more →
Jan 12
May 01


One of the top reasons clients choose DEKKO is our ability to deliver one-of-a-kind lightweight concrete that allows them to express their ideas without limits.  DEKKO’s new 3D BIM texture file allows designers to digitally insert our lightweight concrete into their clients’ designs. This results in a simplified process, lower... read more →
Nov 19
Fire Pits in Your Backyard

Can You Have a Fire Pit in Your Backyard?

If you’ve been considering adding an outdoor fire pit to your backyard but are wondering if it’s safe or okay to do so? If so, you’ve come to the right place. An outdoor fire pit can elevate your outdoor space, bring you endless hours of entertainment and help you embrace... read more →
Oct 01
Dekko’s lightweight concrete interior cladding is used in a living room fireplace setting.

What Is Lightweight Concrete?

You may have heard the term, “lightweight concrete” used in regards to modern design. What exactly is “lightweight concrete”? This guide will explain what lightweight concrete is, outline its benefits and detail why it’s the perfect choice to add to your home’s interior or exterior.  If you’re looking to modernize,... read more →