Dekko is one of the most unique brands in the concrete marketplace.  Produced entirely in-house in Canada, all of our products are solid, integral cast 100% concrete. Unlike other ‘concrete-like’ materials on the market, our pieces will not chip, patina or peel overtime nor do they require a sealant.

We offer liquid propane and natural gas.

Glass Wind Guard

A windy day can put a damper on an otherwise beautiful day or night around the fire pit. A wind guard keeps the flame presence strong even on a breezy day. With its clear design, these accessories don’t take away from the appearance of the fire pit—allowing optimal enjoyment in all conditions. 


Commercial Grade Weather Cover

Protect & Preserve with All-Weather Covers.  Custom designed covers provide a tailored fit and clean lines. They protect your Fire and Water Features from the elements year-round, extending their lives and maintaining their finish. They also prevent burners from becoming clogged with water or debris. Our covers are designed to protect from heat and cold and should be used whenever your feature is not in use. When you purchase, and use, one of our all-weather covers Solus will extend the warranty on your purchase on the product with the addition of these covers. Contact us or see our warranties for more details. *taken from please edit verbiage

Table Top Cover

They are constructed out of noncorrosive aluminum and stainless steel. It is safe to leave outdoors in the elements. The aluminum is hard anodized to create a scratch resistant surface that is integral to the aluminum itself. This surface is hard but may be susceptible to scratching from fine grit particles drawn across the surface.

Please use a clean damp cloth to wipe down. For more information on product characteristics please see care instructions included with product. *taken from

Electronic Ignition with Remote

Designed for use with our natural gas or propane fire pits. It features ease with use of a wall switch or handheld remote to control flame as well as auto-relight if flame loss.  It offers numerous convenience and performance improvements for both on/off Models and our newly introduced High/Low Models- such as High/Low flame control via our new remote or smart phone app, a redesigned hot surface igniter and many other improvements.

The remotes will allow you to start the fire pit via use of a key dongle giving the peace of mind that only the person holding the dongle can turn the fire pit on or off.

120vac: Standard outdoor grounded power cord- simply plug into GFCI outlet.

24vac Option: Typically used pool side or with other lower voltage requirements.

(*must be installed by certified electrician) with remote control.  *taken from – review with Jessica to see if we want to discuss HI/LOW – review verbiage

Wall Timers

Timers and remotes are a great feature to have on your electronic ignition on/off outdoor fire pit. They will allow you to either set a timer with a countdown so that your fire pit is not burning through the night at a 12 hour or 2 hour timed off.

We also carry a wall switches that can is pre-set to timed amounts of 2, 4, 8 and 12 that will start the electronic ignition on/off fire pit with the push of a button. *taken from – please edit verbiage – also confirm with Jessica that she wants ALL of this listed

Emergency Stop

Another great product used more on commercial builds and in areas that require it for residential by code is the E-Stop that will kill all power going to the fire pit with a key release that allows only the person with the keys to turn the power back on once activated. *taken from – please edit verbiage

Propane Tank Cover

Available in the same finish and colour assortment as our fire pits it is the perfect way to complete our collection.  It has a removable lid and houses 20 lb propane cylinder.  It serves well as an end table in your outdoor seating areas. *partially taken from – please review verbiage

Lava Rock

All natural gas and propane fire pit purchases come standard with lava rock to cover the entire burner surface.    *partially taken from

Beach stones

All natural gas and propane fire pit purchases come standard with the required amount of heat treated aggregate which will cover the area around the burner holes.   If you require replacement stones, we will make them available to you.  *partially taken from – please review verbiage



Yes.  For installation on a deck or any other combustible surface a deck insulation kit is required.  The kit includes basalt material and instructions.  Please refer to the user manual for clearances when installing under a pergola or covered patio.

A certified gas technician MUST install all propane and natural gas units.  If there are any issues pertaining to the burner or gas line a certified technician should complete the service work in order to comply with local installation and service codes.

The fire pit legs are formed as part of the mold and maintain a level surface. Be sure that the installation surface is also level.

visit, products, fire pit, select desired model, “click here for detailed specifications” for further details.

our fire pits require a level location with access to a fuel source and electrical if purchasing an electronic ignition burner.


Yes, you can use your fire pit in the winter, just make sure the burner is dry and not covered in snow. Using a weather cover will protect the burner from snow sitting on top as well.

prior to connecting the gas ensure the valve is in the closed position by turning it clockwise.  Hold igniter above the center of the burner, slowly turn the key valve to the on position to allow gas flow

Our fire pits do not accommodate internally stored propane tanks for safety and technical reasons.


There is a care & maintenance section located at the back of our product installation guide, which is included with all of our fire pits.  Website???

It is very unusual for our fire pits to crack.  Hairline cracks may occur in your concrete product, this should not alarm you as this is a natural characteristic of concrete and does not have the potential to grow or separate

Check with management to see if we are able to provide the shell at a discounted price.

Concrete is a porous product and may stain if not immediately attended to.  Please be sure to blot any stains or spills immediately.

concrete can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution or baking soda.  Never use abrasives or strong chemicals as they may stain the surface.  A spill should be cleaned immediately by carefully blotting the spill with a clean and damp white towel.  Careful not to wipe a spill as it may force the stain deeper into the surface.  If stain persists you can call for further instructions.

Our fire pits do not require a sealer, as our product is 100% concrete.

Deposits of magnesium and iron can be present on the beach stones., which may be more apparent on the ivory stones. This is a natural reaction to heat, not a defect.


All Dekko fire pits are fully certified and safe for outdoor use.  The concrete shell will get warm to the touch but not hot.  Young children and pets should be supervised while in the area of the fire pit.  Clothing or other flammable materials and gases should not be placed on or near the fire table.

Our fire pits are intended for …. We do not recommend using it as a cooking appliance.   (I’m sure you’ll want to roast a marshmallow over this beauty, but we recommend avoiding …)

Shut off the gas to the appliance immediately and extinguish any open flame.  Leave the area immediately if the odor continues and call your gas supplier or fire department. 

Do not use the fire pit as a seating area.  Wind and gusty conditions will affect the flame in an unpredictable manner.

Sold fuels should not be burned in the fire pit.  Rid the surface of leaves, sticks, wood, paper, clothing, food, material etc. should be kept away from the fire table.

Combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids should not be placed on or near the fire table.

Do not use the appliance if any part has been under water.  Immediately call a qualified service technician to inspect the appliance and to replace any part of the control system and any gas control that has been under water.

If lava rock and/or beach stones are wet, allow fire table to burn for 45 minutes prior to coming within 15 feet of the fire table.


Sooting is a natural bi-product of natural gas and propane.  To limit the amount of sooting, avoid placing rock/stone directly above the flame to avoid excessive impingement. Soot can be removed by washing the stone in a mild soap and water mixture. 

This may the result of improper gas pressure or undersized gas supply line. (natural gas) For propane units this could be a result of improper lighting procedures.  Be sure that the chrome key is in the off position when the tank is turned on.  Turn tank on slowly to allow pressure to equalize and then turn on fire pit. Other possibly causes: check gas level of LP tank.  *** come back to this. Break out LP and NG – see EA

Remove excess stones to allow ensure that burner holes are not covered.

If the gas pressure is too high, this can cause a whistling sound in your fire pit because of all the pressure going through the hose. We can send the customer whistle free hoses, and this usually solves the issue. However, sometimes the orifice in the burner may be damaged. If the replacement hoses do not solve the issue it is probably the orifice in the burner (This is usually the case with Napoleon burners). If it is the orifice, we can send them the replacement piece, and it should resolve the issue.


With proper care and maintenance your fire pit should last a lifetime.





This warranty does not apply to, and the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for, damage or defect due to any one of the following:

  • Improper handling, maintenance, or installation of product
  • Modification or alteration to the product in any manner which increases its susceptibility to damage
  • Any case where the product has been misused, intentionally damaged, or damaged as a result of negligence


Shipping costs will vary depending on where you are in the world.  We are confident that you will be impressed with the cost associated with shipping due to our impressive ultra-light product.

*From our home in Ontario, we work with clients around the world – from Toronto, to California, to Hawaii.  Our lightweight concrete reduces shipping costs and rapid turnaround times???

our products will arrive packaged and secured to a wood skid.  Unless otherwise specified they will be delivered curb side in front of your project location. Please see our video at …. *Brandon please provide link to video

It is your responsibility to un-package and inspect all contents of the shipment at the time of delivery while the delivery agent is present.

In stock items ship within two weeks.

Custom items ship within 4 – 6 weeks or sooner.  Shipping times may vary during peak season.

Yes.  You will receive an email from our shipping department shortly after the freight company has picked up your order.   That email will contain your tracking number and contact details for the shipping company.

Yes.  Your shipment MUST be inspected for damage prior to accepting the delivery. 

Wood crates containing firepits should not be left outside in order to avoid staining or potential damage.  In the event that there is a stain, please contact Dekko customer service?

our products will arrive packaged and secured to a wood skid.  Unless otherwise specified they will be delivered curb side in front of your project location. Please see our video at …. *Brandon please provide link to video

It is your responsibility to un-package and inspect all contents of the shipment at the time of delivery while the delivery agent is present.

  • You are responsible for INSPECTING all merchandise at the time of delivery while the delivery agent is present.  
  • If a carton is crushed or has any punctures, tears, indentations, or creases please write “Damaged Carton” on the bill of lading when signing, even if the interior contents are not damaged. 
  • Shipping pallets shrink wrap and tie downs should be in good condition and intact.  If any of these items are not in good condition it should be written on the bill of lading before signing.  
  • If there is visible damage to the product, please REFUSE the entire shipment and document the refusal on the bill of lading. 
  • Once you have opened and inspected all items for damage and noted all damages on the bill of lading, please contact us either by phone at 855.422.0077 or via email at to REPORT THE DAMAGE so that we may begin to get you the replacements that you need in a timely manner.  
  • We will most likely ask that you SUMBIT PHOTOS of the damaged shipment (please take a photo of the entire shipment and the damaged items) as this will assist with the claims processing.  
  • In some cases, we may ask that you hold onto the damaged items until such time that the carrier can inspect or pick them up in order to settle our claim.   Please DO NOT DISCARD the damaged items without authorization from a Dekko Inc. representative.

The delivery agent should NEVER refuse to wait, but if they do, simply note “PENDING INSPECTION.  DRIVER WOULD NOT WAIT” on the bill of lading.

Always inspect the shipment regardless of what the delivery agent says.  The delivery agent is not responsible for inspecting the shipment.  

If an item is damaged, please note the damage on the receipt when you sign (e.g. “fire pit concrete shell damaged”).  The key here is to ensure that any and all damage is noted when signing the bill of lading and prior to the driver leaving. 

EXPLAIN For residential installations the freight company provides curb-side delivery which includes a lift gate service.  This will allow the product to be lowered to the ground.  This does not include placement of the fire pit or uncarting.  “drop & go”

Special Note: Freight carriers provide CURB-SIDE DELIVERY ONLY.  It is the responsibility of the customer to have arrangements for assistance in the up-packaging and placement of the product.

Please do NOT sign off on the delivery before inspecting the unit, if the damage is not noted we do not have grounds to make a claim against the shipping company.   

A service order will be required in order to reproduce your order.  You may be responsible for shipping and rebuild costs if the damage was not noted on the bill of lading.