Frequently Asked Questions


Table Top Lid

When it comes to finding the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor lounging space, why choose between a fire pit or a table when you can have both? Our table top feature is a great way to have all the necessities of your outdoor entertainment center without having to compromise space. The smooth aluminum surface will add a sleek, minimalistic touch while maintaining the strength and functionality to double as a serving and entertainment table. Consider it Dekko’s way of enhancing your outdoor lounging experience — even when your fire pit is not in use.  


Glass Wind Guard

Why let the wind spoil a great gathering around your fire pit? We provide a glass wind guard that will keep the flame of your fire pit burning strong and resistant to any breeze. With a clear and sleek design, you can enjoy the view of your fire pit even on windy days.


Commercial Grade Weather Cover

There is no better way to protect and preserve the classic appearance of your fire pit and its components with our all seasons commercial-grade weather covers. Custom-designed and tailored to fit your fire pit, we recommend using our weather covers to preserve the longevity of your fire pit when it is not in use.


Electronic Ignition with Remote

The additional remote control function to our electronic ignition starter is a convenient way to control your unit from a distance, or if you wish to avoid kneeling to turn the chrome key. Available with most of our natural gas and propane fire pits, this option provides ease of use with a handheld remote to turn the unit on and off while only being accessible to the person holding the remote.   120vac: standard outdoor grounded power cord- simply plugs into GFCI outlet. Consult with our line drawings and your electrician for direction on the voltage and installation options listed above. FOR HIGH/LOW upgrade (automation; smart phone control), please speak with your sales representative.


Wall Timers

Our team at Dekko highly recommends investing in a wall timer for commercial projects. The wall timer feature grants you the confidence of knowing your electronic ignition fire pit is will turn on with the ease of a dial and automatically turn off when desired.


Emergency Stop

Frequently used in commercial, multi-residence, and hospitality projects, the E-Stop is a helpful control that will cease all power flow to our fire pits through a key-release function. The key-release function ensures that only the key holder is able to activate the power again.


Propane Tank Cover

Available in the same colour varieties as our fire pits, our propane tank covers will allow you to store your propane tanks in discrete concrete encasements. The flat surface of our propane tank covers may additionally serve as an end table to complete your outdoor seating and display areas.


Our fire pits are available in both liquid propane or natural gas fuel varieties.

A certified gas technician must install all propane and natural gas units as per installation instructions.  If there are any issues pertaining to the burner or gas line, a certified technician must also complete the service work.


Setting Up Your Dekko Fire Pit

Our fire pits require a level location with access to a fuel source. For fire pits with electrical ignition burners, installations also require access to an electrical source.

This information is available at Simply select the “Products” drop-down menu, then select “Fire Pits.” From here, select your desired model and follow the link entitled “click here for detailed specifications.” 

Yes — for installation on a deck or any other combustible surface, a deck insulation kit is required.  The kit includes the required basalt material and an additional instructional booklet.  Please refer to the user manual for clearances when installing under a pergola or covered patio.

Yes — our fire pits are designed for all seasons’ use. In the winter, please ensure that your burner is dry and free of snow. Additionally, we offer custom-built weather covers that will ensure the best protection of your burner through all faces of winter.

Prior to connecting the gas, please ensure the valve is in the closed position by turning it clockwise. Following this, simply hold your igniter above the center of the burner and slowly turn the key valve to the on position to allow a steady gas flow. 

Our fire pits do not accommodate internally stored propane tanks for safety and technical reasons. 

Please refer to our EI section and review our remote starter option.


Included with purchase, each of our fire pits are delivered with a “Care and Maintenance” section located at the back of your installation guide. If the section appears to be abnormally short, don’t worry — it’s not! Our products are specially designed to last a lifetime while requiring little to no additional maintenance or care. This is because all of our products are made out of 100% pure proprietary concrete that won’t peel, flake or require sealant. 

Although it is very unusual for our fire pits to crack, if a hairline crack does appear, you should not be alarmed; this is a natural characteristic of concrete and does not have the potential to grow or separate.

Although our fire pits are resistant to stains from the natural elements, any spills or accidents could result in the absorption of liquids due to the porous nature of concrete. Please be sure to blot any stains or spills immediately after contact. Please see below for our recommended steps on how to approach and remove stains. 

Concrete can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.  Never use abrasives or strong chemicals as they may further stain the surface.  A spill should be cleaned immediately by carefully blotting the spill with a clean and damp white towel. Be sure to blot the affected area and avoid wiping, as this may force the stain deeper into the surface of your fire pit.  If the stain persists, please contact our staff at Dekko for a color-matched touch up kit.

Our fire pits are created from 100% pure concrete and do not require any sealants or other additional protectants. 

Deposits of magnesium and iron can be present on the beach stones, notably on our light and ivory stones. This is a natural reaction to heat and is not considered a defect.

The legs of our fire pits are installed directly into the mould to yield a reliably level surface each time. If you are experiencing a teetering or wobbly leg, please ensure that the installation surface is also level. 


All Dekko fire pits are safe for outdoor use. The concrete shell will get warm to the touch, but not hot.  As with all gas appliances, caution must always be used when burning.  Young children and pets should be supervised while in the area of the fire pit while burning, and clothing or other flammable materials and gasses should not be placed on or near the surrounding concrete ledges of your fire pit. 

While our fire pits are capable of producing and radiating an impressive warmth, they are intended for aesthetic purposes only. Although we understand that you may wish to roast marshmallows over these beauties, we do not recommend multi-purposing our fire pits for cooking appliances. 

If you smell gas exuding from your fire pit, please shut off the gas to the appliance immediately.  If the odour continues, please call your gas supplier. 

For your safety, please do not use the ledge of your fire pit as a seat or chair. Wind and gusty conditions may affect the flame in an unpredictable manner. 

Solid fuels should not be burned in your fire pit. The surface of your fire pit should be clear of any leaves, sticks, wood, paper, clothing, food, or other flammable materials. In addition, any combustible materials, gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids should not be placed on or near the fire table. 

Do not use the appliance if any part has been submerged under water.  Immediately call a qualified service technician to inspect the appliance and to replace any part of the control system and any gas control that has been under water.


Sooting is an inherent bi-product of natural gas and propane.  To limit the amount of sooting, avoid placing rocks/stones directly above the flame to avoid excessive impingement. Alternatively, soot can be removed by gently washing the stones in a mild soap and water mixture. 

A reduction in your fire pits flame level may happen for various reasons depending on the variety of your pit. For natural gas pits, lower flame levels may be the result of improper gas pressure or an undersized gas supply line.

For propane units, lower flame levels may be the result of improper lighting procedures. To address low flame levels, please be sure that the chrome key is in the ‘off’ positions before the tank is turned on. Please turn the tank on slowly to allow the pressure within to equalize before turning the fire pit on completely. If the aforementioned procedures fail, please check the gas level of your liquid propane tank, or remove any excess stones to ensure that the burn holes of your fire pit are not covered.


Our policy is longevity — with proper care and upkeep, your fire pit has the potential to last a lifetime. 


This warranty does not apply to, and the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for, damage or defect due to any one of the following:

  • Improper handling, maintenance, or installation of product
  • Modification or alteration to the product in any manner which increases its susceptibility to damage
  • Any case where the product has been misused, intentionally damaged, or damaged as a result of negligence


Customarily, our in stock items will ship out from our Ontario head- quarters within just 2-4 weeks of placing your order, while custom items are shipped within 4-6 weeks. Please note that shipping times may vary during peak season.  Faster lead times can sometimes be accommodated, speak to our sales team for faster availability based on your location.

From our Ontario headquarters, we work with clients around the world — from Toronto, to California, to Hawaii and more. As a result, shipping costs will vary depending on your location; however, because our product is ultra-light and easy to manage, we are able to significantly reduce shipping costs and assure rapid turnaround times.  Our sales team will be able to provide details based on your location.

Freight companies provide curb-side delivery for residential installations. Curb-side delivery allows the product to be lowered to the ground upon delivery; however, it does not include placement of the fire pit or unboxing. Therefore, it is important for you to arrange assistance to unpack and place your product. A team of two people is often sufficient to un-package and place a fire pit.

Yes — your shipment MUST be inspected for damage prior to accepting the delivery. 

Yes — you will receive an email from our shipping department shortly after the freight company has collected your order.  This email will contain all information pertaining to your tracking number, as well as additional information to allow you to contact the shipping company if needed. 

If a crate containing a fire pit is left outside and exposed to the elements, pigment may transfer to your fire pit, potentially blemishing its consistent surface. To avoid staining, ensure the fire pit is removed from the crate as soon as possible or stored indoors. If further information is required, please contact Dekko’s customer service team for assistance. 

Your order will arrive packaged and secured to a wooden skid. Unless otherwise specified, you can expect your products to be delivered curb side in front of your project location. While the delivery agent is still present, it is your responsibility to un-package and inspect all contents of the shipment at the time of delivery. 


Unpackaging Your Dekko Fire Pit

  • You are responsible for INSPECTING all merchandise at the time of delivery while the delivery agent is present.
  • If a carton is crushed or has any punctures, tears, indentations, or creases please write “Damaged Carton” on the bill of lading when signing, even if the interior contents are not damaged.
  • Shipping pallets shrink wrap and tie downs should be in good condition and intact. If any of these items are not in good condition it should be written on the bill of lading before signing.  
  • If there is visible damage to the product, please REFUSE the entire shipment and document the refusal on the bill of lading.
  • Once you have opened and inspected all items for damage and noted all damages on the bill of lading, please contact us either by phone at 855.422.0077 or via email at to REPORT THE DAMAGE so that we may begin to get you the replacements that you need in a timely manner.
  • We will most likely ask that you SUBMIT PHOTOS of the damaged shipment (please take a photo of the entire shipment and the damaged items) as this will assist with the claims processing.
  • In some cases, we may ask that you hold onto the damaged items until such time that the carrier can inspect or pick them up in order to settle our claim. Please DO NOT DISCARD the damaged items without authorization from a Dekko Inc. representative.

The delivery agent should NEVER refuse to wait, but if they do, simply note “PENDING INSPECTION.  DRIVER WOULD NOT WAIT” on the bill of lading.